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To this very day the Muskatzinen are still manufactured only in Dettelbach- using a old recipe that is more than 100 years old. learn more...
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Our Speciality from Dettelbach

Until this day the real Muskatzinen are manufactured only in Dettelbach following an old recipe - just as it were 100 years ago. They are famous ever since and gourmets praise them as a delicious addition to Franconia.  

Urban Degen was the name of the Muskatzine's inventor, which respectable master of the guild of confectioners. The city of Dettelbach used to have numerous, because wax-chandler and confectioners used to have tradition. Since 1505 the pilgrimage  to the wonder-working picture of the Virgin Mary had been starting and there were golden times for this guild. The art of baking of the pastry chefs soon became the most elegant branch of this guild and achieved good sales. Master Urban Degen had great success with his Muskatzinen.One day, he offered a pastry that was totally different to the traditional ones he used to offer - extraordinary in it's taste and with a so far unknown shape. This howere, people could explain soon: Master Degen graved new baking forms up to sample to his ties, which he used to wear with pleasure.


The ingredients of the dough and its composition he kept secret in life. Only the name revealed what could be tasted anyway: nutmeg (german = Muskat) played a grand part. The Muskatzinen gathered a broad popuarity and Urban Degen became a famous man. History reports that even the Bavarian King used to have a marked preference for this spice-pastry and granted him the exclusvie right to manufacture the Muskatzinen. Urban Degen however did not want to take his knowlege with him to grave - the Muskatzinen were supposed to outlive its inventor. Bevore his death he initiated his local colleauges with the secret of the recipe, but not without claming the promise to keep the original within the local pastry chefs. 

His inheritors kept their pledge and handed down the legacy only to their direct descendants. Therefore the Muskatzinen continued to be a speciality of Dettelbach. Today the patent-rights rest with the Dauenhauer family of Dettelbach's Café Kehl.

Admittedly there are various legends of the origination of the Muskatzinen. For example reported a knight of the Orient, that nutmeg lessens the consequences of plenty of wine. This effective medicine arrived at patry chef of Dettelbach via a pilgrim. The Muskatzinen finally came out of experiments in the bakery.

According to a poetic interpretation the honest master Urban Degen was given an enlightenment directly from heaven.

Something all versions have in common: pilgrimage, wine and Muskatzinen belong to Dettelbach just as an amen belongs to this article.


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