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CO2 Zertifikat

CO2 Zertifikat

Culture and Sightseeing

Experience Dettelbach and its surrounding

Historic landmarks


  • late-gothic city hall with outside staircase (ca. 1512)
  • Pillory (1674)
  • City Church with two unequal towers - formerly knight's castle of "Herren von Thetilabach" (1444 - 1774)
  • City Wall with two gates and 32 towers; walkable all way around (um 1500)
  • Pilgrimage Church "Maria in Arena" (1505-1616), numerous artcrafts of the renaissance and baroque period
  • medieval city with a lot of frame houses
  • proud middle-class houses of 16., 17., 18. and 19. Cenutry



  • Craftmans' museum at the city wall gate
  • Museum of Pilgrimage at the "KuK Dettelbach"


  • Culture and communication centre next to the historic city hall 
  • Adult education school
  • Public library
  • Classical concerts at the historic city hall
  • Cabaret at the historic city hall Kabarett im historischen Rathaus
  • City's archive
  • Guided tours at the historic city center and the pilgrimage church



AKZENT Hotel Am Bach
Eichgasse 5
D-97337 Dettelbach

Telephone: +49 (0) 93 24 / 9 73 00

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