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To this very day the Muskatzinen are still manufactured only in Dettelbach- using a old recipe that is more than 100 years old. learn more...
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CO2 Zertifikat

History of Hotel am Bach

History of Dettelbach

More than any other city, Dettelbach embodies all good characteristics of a Franconian wine-village. Situated in the river valley, near the river Main, it is surrounded by a attractive landscape.

Old city as well as housing estates are are imbedded by vineyareds; from the east the hillsides of Steigerwald are greeting. Here in the Triangle of the river Main, the climate is particularly mild because this area belongs to the warmes and driest in Germany. If you step through the city cates into the old town, you can quickly feel the atmosphere and romance of the city: narrow streets, coubblestoned streets, picturesque rows of houses with dignified timbered houses; especially striking is the city hall of the late gothic period, which is bulit dominating across the creek "Dettel". Also, the city's chruch St. Augustinus is unmistakable because of its widely visible, unequal towers and therefore a special emblem of Dettelbach. Only a few steps out of the city's walls - which is still walkable all the way around and a lot of towers are conserved - there is the pilgrimage chruch "Maria in Arena" with numerous artcrafts of the renaissance and baroque period.


The lover of romantic townscapes, the artist and the photographer can find a rich field of activity in Dettelbach. Dettelbach was firstly mentiond in 741 after Chr. as a Franconian settlement. In the following years it was governed by various lords, before it ended up being part the prince-bishopric Würzburg in the 16. century. Bishop Rudolf von Scherenberg granted the privileges of a town to the upcoming settlement in 1484.

In the following decades city hall, city wall and city church were built by the citizens of Dettelbach. Trading businesses and handicraft boomed, promoted by the pilgrimage which developed in 1506.

The winegrowing has had reached 500ha at times.




AKZENT Hotel Am Bach
Eichgasse 5
D-97337 Dettelbach

Telephone: +49 (0) 93 24 / 9 73 00

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